Published: 2019-10-22

Bilateral sequential atypical femur fractures in a patient on zoledronic acid therapy: a case report and review of literature

Radhakrishna Kantanavar, Mohan Madhav Desai, Kunal Ajitkumar Shah, Swapneel Sunil Shah


Bisphosphonates are mainstay of anti-resorptive therapies for osteoporosis. They prevent osteoporotic fractures by 40 to 70 % in women and men with osteoporosis. Use of these medications is not free from complications. A case of 62 year old female who presented with left thigh pain after trivial fall at home. X-ray diagnosed as atypical femur fracture of left femur which was fixed internally with interlock nailing. On 1st postoperative day, she complained of pain in right thigh. X-ray revealed an atypical femur fracture of left femur shaft which was also fixed internally with nailing. Biochemical investigations were suggestive of effectiveness of zoledronic therapy. We report this first case of bilateral sequential atypical femur fractures that was treated with zoledronate for 2 years. To our knowledge there are reports of oral alendronate therapy with atypical femoral fractures but none on zoledronic acid.



Atypical femur fractures, Zoledronic acid, Bisphosphonates

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