Open reduction and internal fixation of volar Barton’s fractures by polyaxial locking plates: a retrospective study


  • Angatha Kumar Murugesan Tamil Nadu dr MGR medical university
  • Rajesh Govindasamy vinayaka mission university
  • Patel Yahya Ismail vinayaka mission university



Volar Barton’s fracture, Fracture fixation, Open reduction, Internal fixation


Background: A Barton’s fracture is a compression injury with a marginal shearing fracture of the distal radius. Conservative management of these fractures are highly unsuccessful with multiple complications. Locked plate and screw systems acts as single unit for fracture fixation, allows early mobilisation with good functional recovery.The objective of the study is to evaluate the functional and radiological outcome of volar Barton’s fractures treated with polyaxial locking plates.

Methods: Thirty six patients with volar Barton’s fractures, who underwent surgical treatment with polyaxial locking plate between June 2014 to June 2018, with a minimum one year of follow up. The fractures were classified according to Mehara’s classification and the outcome was evaluated using Pattee and Thompson criteria for outcome of wrist.

Results: We achieved 100 % union in all patients. Our results were excellent (61%), good (28%) and fair (11%). Our complications include superficial infection, finger stiffness, radiocarpal arthritis, extensor tendon rupture and Sudeck’s osteodystrophy.

Conclusions: Polyaxial locking plates restore articular congruity of the volar Barton’s fracturess and give best possible results with least complication rates, provided the technique is carefully performed.


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