Data citation

Material and methods. 53 patients were had neck of femur fracture admitted at orthopedic ward of AZEEZIA medical college Hospital meeyannor, P.O. Kollam-37 Kerala the patients were operated with bipolar hemiarthoplasty. All patients were operated through posterior (Southern-moore) approach, post operatively all patients received antibiotics and venous thrombo-embolism prophylaxis as per protocol partial weight bearing was on allowed on 4-5th day. Inclusive criteria :- Patients < 50 to >80 years of age having fracture of neck of femur. 25 patients cemented and 28 were uncemented based on the patients general condition and pre-injury mobility status. Exclusion criteria:-The patients suffering with malignancy and neurological problems were excluded from the study. Statistically:- history of the patients were numbered, grouped with percentage, cemented and un cemented operated results were classified as per Harris Hip score methods, Harris Hip score was classified at different age groups.The ratio of male and female was 1:2 The duration of study about four years (2014 to 2018)