Study of role of caudal epidural steroid in management of low back pain in Malayalam patients


  • Jayakrishnan Rajasekharan Department of Orthopedics, Azeezia Medical College and Research, Meeyannoor, Kollam, Kerala, India



Visual analogue scale, Lumbar canal stenosis, Caudal epidural steroid injection, Low back pain


Background: 85 patients of different age groups were treated with caudal epidural steroid injection for the management of low back pain. As low back pain is quite common in adults.

Methods: X-ray, MRI of the lumbar region was studied. Degree of the pain was assessed by VAS (visual analogue scale) scale, study of Lumbo-sacral joint was studied to know the causes of low back pain (LBP).

Results: As per the MRI study classification LBP was classified as, 16 (16.3%) had Acute back pain without any cause, 14 (14.2%) had spondylolithesis having symptoms of claudication with low back pain. 26 (26.5%) had stenosis of Lumbar canal with symptoms of claudication 42 (42.8%) had disc degeneration with or without root radiation having complaint of back pain and leg pain. The improvement as per VAS scale was from 1 week to 3 months in the management of LBP.

Conclusions: This pragmatic approach to various causes of low back pain managed with epidural steroid injection will be useful to orthopedic surgeon to treat such pain efficiently because back pain becomes common factor as age advances due to resorption or degenerative factors andcurvatures of vertebral column becomes less pronounceds. 


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