Etiological pattern of problems in an orthopaedics outpatient department of a tertiary care center

Jairam D. Jagiasi, Tushar Ubale, Harsh Marfatiya, Abhijit More, Dipit Sahu


Background: Outpatient orthopaedics department of a tertiary care hospital sees large number of patients. However, the funds and resources are limited and have to be judiciously distributed. This study aims to study the etiological pattern of different patients that present to the outpatient department (OPD).

Methods: Nine consecutive OPD’s data was studied for the etiology of the different diagnosis of new patients presenting to the OPD. Etiology of various diagnoses was studied as a percentage of the total patients.

Results: Trauma of upper limb and lower limb formed a higher percentage of the total patients. Degenerative spine was more common than traumatic spine.

Conclusions: Traumatic conditions of the lower and upper limb make up majority of the cases. Degenerative spine is more common than the traumatic etiology.


Orthopaedics OPD, Etiology, Tertiary care hospital

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