Published: 2019-06-27

Study of clinicoradiological and functional outcomes in intraarticular distal end radius fractures managed by volar locking plate

Pravin Agrawal, Samadhan Mundhe, Sajal Mitra


Background: Various modalities of fixation are available for management of distal end radius fractures. Assessment of the functional and radiological outcomes of intra-articular distal end radius fractures managed with volar locking plate was attempted with the present study.

Methods: In this prospective interventional study, thirty adult patients with closed distal radius fractures with intra-articular extension were comprehensively evaluated and managed. Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) was performed via volar approach (modified Henry`s approach) using 2.7mm volar locking compression plates (LCPs). Patients were followed up at 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after surgery. The patients were evaluated functionally by Mayo score and radiologically by Lidstrom classification.

Results: There were 18 (60%) patients having excellent, 8 (26.7) good, 2 (6.7%) fair and 2 (6.7%) with poor result according to Mayo scoring. According to Lidstrom scoring, at the last follow up, 16 (53.3%) patients had excellent, 11 (36.7%) patients good, 2 (6, 7%) patients fair and 1 (3.3%) patient had poor result. The functional status of the patient improved significantly from at 1month (20±3.47) to 6 months post-operative follow up (23.67±2.91). The mean range of motion improved significantly at 1 month, 6 months and last post-operative follow-up.

Conclusions: Volar locking plate gives good to excellent clinico-radiological and functional outcomes in most of the fractures of the distal end radius with intraarticular extension.


Distal end radius fracture, Volar locking plate, Radiological outcome, Functional outcome

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