Outcome of tibial plateau fractures treated by hybrid and Ilizarov external fixation


  • Sandeep Raghuram Reddy Department of Orthopaedics, M. S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, India
  • Harshad Mohanlal Shah Department of Orthopaedics, M. S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, India
  • Ponugoti Godhasiri Department of Orthopaedics, M. S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, India




Tibial plateau fracture, Ilizarov fixation, Hybrid fixation


Background: Tibial plateau fractures pose a challenge to the treating surgeon especially in cases with compromised soft tissue envelope. External fixation achieves good results with minimal complications. The objective of our study was to evaluate the functional outcome of tibial plateau fractures treated by Ilizarov and hybrid external fixation.

Methods: 46 patients with tibial plateau fractures were analysed. 6 were lost to follow-up. 20 patients were treated by Ilizarov method and 20 by hybrid external fixation.

Results: Mean time for union was 24.5 weeks in Ilizarov fixator group and 28 weeks in hybrid fixator group. Mean Lysholm’s score was 86.1 in Ilizarov cases and 83.4 in hybrid fixator cases. The mean knee society score in Ilizarov fixation cases was 78.5 and 77.3 in hybrid fixator cases. At one year by Lysholm score 6 patients had fair, 10 had good and 4 had excellent result in Ilizarov group and 1 had poor, 8 had fair, 8 had good and 3 had excellent results in hybrid group. 15 patients in Ilizarov method had good and excellent knee society scores and 12 patients had good and excellent results and 1 patient had poor score in Hybrid fixator group.

Conclusions: External fixation in complicated tibial plateau fractures gives acceptable outcomes. Ilizarov external fixator has an advantage of earlier mobilization and earlier union but requires longer operation time and a bulky apparatus. Hybrid fixator on the other hand has lesser operating time and simpler construct but has less stability and longer union time.

Author Biographies

Sandeep Raghuram Reddy, Department of Orthopaedics, M. S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, India



Harshad Mohanlal Shah, Department of Orthopaedics, M. S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, India


Ponugoti Godhasiri, Department of Orthopaedics, M. S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, India




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