A comparative study of ultrasound and x-ray in detection, of fracture callus in tibial shaft fractures, treated by unreamed interlocking nailing


  • Veera Kumaran R. Department of Orthopedics, Central Leprosy Teaching &Research Institute, Chengalpattu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Krishna Kumar S. Department of Orthopedics, Krishanakumar Orthopedic Hospital, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu




Ultra sound, X-ray, Tibial shaft fractures, Unreamed interlocking nailing


Background: Trauma is a major health problem in young adults and adolescents. It is a major cause of disability with fracture being a leading contributor to hospital cost and lost productivity in the workplace. Comparative study of ultrasonography and radiography in the early detection of fracture callus in tibial shaft fracture treated by unreamed static interlocking nailing.

Methods: All skeletally mature patients admitted to Krishna Kumar Orthopedic Hospital, Nagercoil were included in our study from 2007 to 2008. 21 patients totally, who had sustained an acute fracture of the tibial shaft and who were treated by statically locked unreamed interlocking nailing were candidates for the study.

Results: The mean±standard deviation for ultrasound and X-ray method of detection fracture callus in fractures shaft of tibia treated with static interlocking nailing are 4.82±1.01 and 7.05±1.02 respectively which is statistically highly significant. This analysis reveals that ultrasound detects fracture callus much earlier than X-ray.

Conclusions: Ultrasound was able to detect fracture callus in tibial shaft fracture treated by a static unreamed interlocking nail. There was a statistically high significance difference of 2.23 weeks between the two techniques Ultrasound was done using a 7.5 MHz linear transducer probe. Ultrasound could detect fracture callus at a mean period of 4.82 weeks. Whereas X-rays could d detect fracture callus only at a mean period of 7.05 weeks.

Author Biography

Veera Kumaran R., Department of Orthopedics, Central Leprosy Teaching &Research Institute, Chengalpattu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

assistant professor , annamalaiuniversity, chidambaram


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