Closed medial subtalar dislocation: case report and review of the literature


  • Everisto A. Opondo Department of Surgery, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairbi, Kenya



Dislocation, Medial, Subtalar joint, Closed reduction


A rare case of medial subtalar dislocation is presented and the literature concerning this injury is reviewed. Subtalar joint dislocations are rare and often the result of a high-energy trauma. These talar dislocations represent 1%-2% of all dislocations. A case of uncomplicated medial subtalar joint dislocation managed by closed reduction under anaesthesia with excellent functional outcome is presented. In cases of open subtalar joint dislocation immediate reduction, wound debridement and if necessary (external) stabilization is critical. Up to fifty percent of patients suffering complicated injury are at risk of developing complications such as avascular necrosis of the talus. Other long-term sequelae include osteochondral fracture and subtalar joint instability.


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