Outcome of fracture of intra articular distal femur treated with distal femur locking compression plate

Nirav P. Trivedi, Rajdeepsinh H. Chauhan, Darshansinh R. Padhiyar, Shreyas P. Gandhi


Background: Intra articular fracture of the distal femur is a composite and complex injury that poses various challenges for orthopaedic surgeon starting from management of fracture to a protracted recovery of the patient.

Methods: We have done retrospective study of 25 patients with intra articular distal femur fracture operated during the period of 2008 to 2014. NEER score is used as criteria for evaluation of patients.

Results: With use of DFLCP, anatomical reduction and rigid fixation, early mobilization and aggressive physiotherapy can be started with the use of these plates.

Conclusions: Our study shows that distal femur locking compression plate (DFLCP) is the evolving approach to treat distal femur fractures.


Distal femur fracture, Distal femur locking compression plate (DFLCP), Intra articular fracture, Less invasive stabilization system (LISS)

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