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Posted: 2015-12-03
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Vol 2, No 4 (2016): October-December 2016

Table of Contents

Original Research Articles

Analysis of the results of ipsilateral hip and shaft femur fractures treated with reconstruction-type intramedullary nail or various plate combinations Abstract PDF
Sreekanth Kashayi-Chowdoji rao, Lalith Mohan Chodavarapu, Bharath Reddy Buchupalli, Chandrasekhar Patnala, Vijaya Krishna Chilakamarri 208-214
Total views: 62
A prospective study to analyze the outcome of proximal humerus fracture managed with proximal humerus locking plate Abstract PDF
Biju R., Kumar Babu B.L.S., Viswanath Gautham M. 215-219
Total views: 57
Management of intra-articular fractures of distal end radius in adults Abstract PDF
Satish R. Gawali, Hardikar S. M., S. Prakash, Sunil Nadkarni 220-228
Total views: 56
A study on patients treated with interlock nailing in the forearm fracture bones Abstract PDF
Shivakumar G. V., Naveen P. R., Manjunatha M. L. 229-233
Total views: 27
Surgical management of pertrochanteric fractures with proximal lateral femur locking compression plate Abstract PDF
Biju R., Kumar Babu B.L.S., Sarat Chandra M. 234-239
Total views: 69
Prospective study of clinical and functional outcome of total knee replacement in osteoarthritic knee Abstract PDF
Rahul V. Kadam, Sunil Yadav, Abhay Chhallani, Chinmoy Sharma 240-244
Total views: 45
Analysis of surgical fixation of displaced proximal humerus fractures using PHILOS plate Abstract PDF
Lalith Mohan Chodavarapu, Sreekanth Kashayi Chowdojirao, Avinash Gonu, Chandrasekhar Patnala, Vijay Krishna Chilakamarri 245-250
Total views: 47
Functional outcome after autologous blood injection for tennis elbow Abstract PDF
Shivakumar G. V., Krishna Kumar M. S., Naveen P. R. 251-255
Total views: 25
Functional outcome after open reduction and internal fixation for traumatic diastasis of the pubic symphysis a one year follow-up study Abstract PDF
B. L. S. Kumar Babu, Biju Ravindran 256-259
Total views: 28
Does a single high dose of vitamin D3 have an effect on fracture healing? Animal study Abstract PDF
Ahammed Zakir Hussain, N. Jambu, Kevin Lourdes 260-262
Total views: 29
Pulsatile lavage for wound debridement in compound fractures of leg: a randomized control trial Abstract PDF
Shafeed T. P., Bijo Paul 263-268
Total views: 30
Study of functional outcome of total hip arthroplasty in a series of cases of hip pathologies done in rural population Abstract PDF
Rahul Kadam, Pankaj Bansal, Abhay Chhallani 269-272
Total views: 27
To analyze and use the parameters in post-operative unstable intertrochanteric fractures treated using dynamic hip screw fixation as guidelines for re-operation Abstract PDF
K. Thirusenthil Aathipan, T. R. Ashok, Ganesan G. Ram 273-275
Total views: 23
Retrograde intramedullary nailing for fractures of distal femur: a prospective study Abstract PDF
Dileep K. S., Mahesha K 276-279
Total views: 24
Three different interlocking intramedullary nails for unstable reverse oblique inter-trochanteric fractures: a bio-mechanical comparative study Abstract PDF
Ujjwal K. Debnath, S. Naidu Maripuri, K. N. Subramanian, K. Mohanty 280-285
Total views: 21
Comparative evaluation of dynamic hip screw and proximal femoral nail for fracture of intertrochanteric femur Abstract PDF
Sachin Yadav, D. C. Srivastava, Manish Shukla 286-290
Total views: 36
Functional outcome of fixation of distal femoral fractures with DF-LCP: a prospective study Abstract PDF
Shafeed T. P., Bijo Paul 291-298
Total views: 23
Internal fixation of pediatric shaft femur fractures by titanium elastic nails: clinical and radiological study Abstract PDF
Manoharan M., Mahapatra S. 299-302
Total views: 13
Functional outcome following external fixator (JESS) application for proximal humeral fractures Abstract PDF
Om P. Gupta, Arun Vashisht, Avinash Rastogi, Naman Gupta, Utkarsh Shahi, Gunjan Goyal 303-306
Total views: 11
Evaluation of percutaneous pinning in fracture proximal one-third humerus and fracture dislocation Abstract PDF
Satish R. Gawali, Pramod V. Niravane, Raman O. Toshniwal, Sachin M. Kamble 307-312
Total views: 15
Management of compound fractures of shaft femur: a study of 55 cases Abstract PDF
Gaurav Singla, Amita Aggarwal, Ravinder Singh 313-317
Total views: 14
Study of operative management of proximal humerus fracture treated with locking plates Abstract PDF
Bhavik Y. Dalal, Dipalkumar V. Rathod, Raghav Suthar, Harshal Damor 318-322
Total views: 17
Joshi’s external stabilization system in the management of distal tibial and fibular fractures with associated soft tissue injury in children Abstract PDF
Shivanand C. Mayi, Sachin Shah, Sadashiv R. Jidgekar, Arunkumar Kulkarni 323-326
Total views: 8
A comparative study between proximal femur locking compression plate and dynamic hip screw fixation in management of intertrochantric femur fractures Abstract PDF
Mithlesh Kumar Meena, Vinay Joshi 327-332
Total views: 24
Tensor fascia lata muscle pedicle grafting for avascular necrosis femoral head Abstract PDF
Mohamed Ashraf, Subramanian V., Narayanan S. K., Manu Mohan 333-339
Total views: 15
Calcaneal lengthening osteotomy for treatment of idiopathic flexible flat foot in children Abstract PDF
Sayed El-Etewy Soudy 340-345
Total views: 9
A study on the functional outcome of arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction done with bone patellar tendon bone graft using the IKDC score Abstract PDF
Vineet Thomas Abraham, Krishnagopal R., Vamsi Kondreddi, Swagat Mahapatra 346-349
Total views: 12
Study of inflammatory markers in idiopathic osteoarthritis of knee Abstract PDF
Anil Kumar Joshi, Vikram Singh, Deepa Hatwal, Mridu Singh, Chitra Joshi 350-353
Total views: 10
Comparative study between proximal femoral nail and proximal femoral nail antirotation in management of unstable trochanteric fractures Abstract PDF
Manoj R. Kashid, Tushar Gogia, Anjan Prabhakara, Mohammad A. Jafri, Dilip S. Shaktawat, Gopal Shinde 354-358
Total views: 15
Functional outcome of elastic stable intramedullary nailing of diaphyseal fractures of paediatric long bones Abstract PDF
Arun Vashisht, Gaurav Dev Sharma 359-365
Total views: 15
Classical Mitchell's osteotomy in the management of symptomatic hallux vulgus Abstract PDF
Naveed B. Wani, Abdul R. Badoo 366-370
Total views: 9
Functional outcome of intra-articular tongue type of calcaneus fractures treated with percutaneous technique Abstract PDF
Bhavik Y. Dalal, Raghav K. Suthar, Parag Y. Tank, Dipal Rathod, Harshal Damor 371-376
Total views: 10
Functional outcome of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with quadruple hamstring tendon graft using EndoButton and bioabsorbable interference screw: minimum 2-year follow-up Abstract PDF
Shishir Murugharaj Suranigi, Kanagasabai R., Syed Najimudeen, James J. Gnanadoss 377-382
Total views: 26
Evaluation of femoral neck shaft angle on plain radiographs and its clinical implications Abstract PDF
Subodh Kumar Pathak, Pritam Maheshwari, Prahlad Ughareja, Daksh Gadi, Prashanth Raj M., Sandeep Kumar Gour 383-386
Total views: 12
Comparative study of ultrasound guided supra-scapular nerve block versus intra-articular steroid injection in frozen shoulder Abstract PDF
Swapnil P. Sonune, Anil K. Gaur, Shefali Gupta 387-393
Total views: 19
Modified dome shaped proximal tibial osteotomy for treatment of infantile tibia vara Abstract PDF
Mohammed A. A. Geith, Ahmed M. El. Naggar 394-399
Total views: 9
Management of neglected cases of congenital muscular torticollis with bipolar release Abstract PDF
Ranajit Panigrahi, Biswajit Sahu, Saswat Samant 400-403
Total views: 16
Effect of drains on dynamic proprioception after arthroscopically assisted anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Abstract PDF
Atul Mahajan 404-410
Total views: 14
Clinical outcome of arthroscopic management of isolated posterior cruciate ligament injuries Abstract PDF
Suresh Perumal, Sadem Amer, Prakash Ayyadurai, Arumugam Sivaraman 411-413
Total views: 13
Management of stable intertrochanteric fractures with minimally invasive dynamic hip screw Abstract PDF
Kosalaraman Padmanaban, Vivekanandhan Ramasamy, Vijay Krishnan Arcot Subramaniyan 414-419
Total views: 22

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